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1917 Standard Sewing Machine Company Treadle


Manufactured:   1917, Cleveland, Ohio
Serial Number: 1251124

1917 Standard Treadle


This is a Standard Sewing Machine Company treadle.  This treadle machine head is housed in a very nice condition cabinet that has an automatic lift mechanism.   When the top is opened, the machine comes up automatically.  The cabinet is a "Paragon" cabinet and the machine head is a rotary model.  The "flaming" on the cabinet front is very striking, and is possibly tiger oak.  The photos above and below show the cabinet separate from the treadle when it was being cleaned and oiled.  There is a PHOTOCOPY of the manual ( The original manual is in very worn condition and although shown in the photo, the original manual is NOT included, only a photocopy), two bobbins, and a few attachments as shown in the photos.  A

new drive belt will be needed, and there is no needle in the machine.

This set-up includes the machine head, treadle, cabinet, and the accessories as described. 

This machine has been SOLD



According to my father's research, the following is the background on the original Standard Sewing Machine Company:


"The Standard Sewing Machine Company began in 1884 in Cleveland, Ohio.  Standard was taken over by the Osann Company in 1929, which in turn was acquired by Singer in early 1930's.


 White Sewing Machine Company purchased the Domestic Sewing Machine Company from Sears. Then in 1924 they got a deal from Sears to supply Sewing Machines and they called the subsidiary The Standard Sewing Equipment Company. " 


This machine for sale is manufactured by the original Standard Sewing Machine Company, and not the subsidiary of White.













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